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Thursday, July 21, 2016

H.E. DR. STEPHEN KALONZO MUSYOKA, Dignitary Man of Africa, 4th GOD Awards

Joining the impeccable list of honorees and eminent speakers for the upcoming 4th Annual G.O.D.Awards and 3rd Annual WCH Humanitarian Summit is none other than the 10th Vice President of Kenya, Honorable Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka.

Nominated by WCH Publicity Ambassador Benjamin Musunza, Mr. Musyoka is also the patron of the Kalonzo Musyoka Foundation (KMF) which is a nonprofit making organization dedicated to the improvement of quality of life for all, alleviation of poverty, provision of healthcare and promotion of justice, peace, cultural values, human rights, democracy and conservation of environment.

"I have heard many great things about His Excellency Kalonzo particularly about his humanitarian works in Kenya through his NGO KMF. I just had a wonderful conversation with him on the phone and we have good plans to collaborate for the benefit of the Kenyan people. We, the 4th G.O.D. committee believe that the former Vice President deserves the "African Dignitary Man of the year Awards" for his efforts to serve his people whether in power or not. It is always good to know that Politician like him continue their works to humanity even after his term.", said by Princess Maria Amor, founder and president of We Care for Humanity (WCH) and the creator of the G.O.D. Awards.

H.E. Kalonzo will be honored at the 4th Global Officials of Dignity Awards(G.O.D. Awards) and scheduled to speak at the 3rd WCH Humanitarian Summit on August 17-19, 2016 at the United Nations Headquarters, New York. Both flagship events are organized by We Care for Humanity and its philanthropic partners: SREI Foundation, J & B Medical Company, HWPL and China-US Business Association.

About H.E. Hon. Dr. Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka, EGH

 H.E. Hon. Dr. Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka is a reputable Kenyan-born global leader. His down-to-earth nature and myriad of humanitarian causes, have earned him the title servant-leader.

He is the immediate former Vice President of the Republic of Kenya where he served for a five-year term running from 2008 to 2013.

Hon. Kalonzo is the current party leader of the Wiper Democratic Movement - Kenya, and a co-principal for the Coalition for Reforms and Democracy (CORD), which is the opposition coalition in Kenya.

In 2013 (June 10th), H.E. Hon Dr. Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka, became the Founding Chancellor of Uganda Technology and Management University (UTAMU), in the neighboring country of Uganda.

In June 2013, his Excellency was appointed the Honorary Chairman of World Eminent Chinese Businessmen Association (WECBA), which is a China-based organization bringing together global business leaders and philanthropists.

He is also the Honorary Consul General for Cyprus in Kenya, following an appointment by the Government of Cyprus in 2014.

Kalonzo is also the patron of the Kalonzo Musyoka Foundation (KMF), an organization launched in 2005 to, among other things, sponsor the education of brilliant students from needy backgrounds, and promote community development through the creation of a just, healthy, peaceful and democratic society.

H.E. is an Advocate of the High Court of Kenya in good standing, and a partner of Musyoka Murambi & Associates, a re-known law firm in Kenya.

It is noteworthy that his Excellency has served in various capacities in Government since 1985, when he was elected Member of Parliament until 2013. These capacities include service in different ministries such as Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Environment and Natural Resources, Tourism and Information ministries, among others.

As a renowned regional leader, he spearheaded peace dialogues in Sudan, which culminated in the birth of the South Sudan state.

Thursday, July 14, 2016


The Greatest humanitarians of the World highlights people working to improve the lives and environment of the citizens of the world. H. R. H. Princess Maria D. K. brings together humanitarians in the Global Officials of Dignity Awards. This book is designed to provide the background of those who seek to power the future with good deeds and ideas.

Without the actions of humanitarians, working for the progress of the human race, hope would be in scarce supply. This book mentions just a few of the many that have made a difference in their own sparkling sphere. Humanitarians follow their dream of public service, in their own way, and seek to make a difference.

Sometimes an event in their own lives can change their course into humanitarian service. Others are affected by things they have witnessed that makes them want to work for the betterment of humanity. Some just want to give something back. No matter what the catalyst, the person deep down is exceptional.

No effort is without cost and our humanitarians suffer for their causes. They take on all the problems of the people they help unselfishly. They expose needs and wrongs that others ignore. They go to places where no one else will venture and make a difference.

The suffering of humanity touches their hearts. The humanitarian is strong witnessing the pain and suffering and does as much as possible to alleviate it.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016


We Care for Humanity Poetry expresses in poetry the values of humanitarians and their stories. Princess Maria uses her high royal status for the promotion of peace and humanitarian ideals. Her ideals unite countries and religions. Money raised by We Care for Humanity goes to fund the charity’s work in many countries including war torn Africa. Education, vaccinations, health, food, clothing and shelter are priorities. The tasks that We Care for Humanity is asked to support continually grow in diversity, abandoned children, refugees, acid attack survivors and victims of natural disasters.

The Traveling Princess Global T. V. Show is broadcast internationally and raises the profile of the many charities and issues they address. Traveling Princess Maria has been welcomed by the lowly and the most high in all the countries in her royal visits 2014/2015 illustrating this book.

Princess Maria sees pain that other people would rather not and tries to improve it with her registered charity We Care for Humanity. Her global charity has spread to India; Pakistan; Sri Lanka; Morocco; Malaysia; Nepal; Philippines and Egypt this year. The Traveling Princess stands for peace between nations, uniting faiths with love of humanity and improving conditions for the needy. A truly noble princess in touch with progressing humanity in a changing world. She walks in love and humility addressing needs.

We Care for Humanity is a world team addressing world problems. The peace of the world is in the eyes of the child. The Traveling Princess is a beacon of light.
. It includes in its pages Presidents Royalty and those in need.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

RACHEL HIPPERT, Guest Performer, 4th GOD Awards

Watch the video message from the beautiful Opera Singer, Rachel Hippert, guest performer at the 4th Global Officials of Dignity- GOD Awards and Concert for Humanity!

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Two Music Icons: Morris Hayes and Alston Koch to Perform at the 4th G.O.D. Awards and Concert for Humanity in New York

We Care for Humanity (WCH)'s flagship event, the 4th G.O.D. Awards at the United Nations is about to be filled with top celebrity music icons from Hollywood and from allover the world. Two of the considered legendary performers are Prince former music director, Morris Hayes and 2nd GOD Awards World Artist of the Year, Alston Koch, who will be performing at the said event and will present officially the theme song they have both produced, composed and sung for We Care for Humanity.

The duo who are also business partners in real life are also headlining the Concert for Humanity, a side event of the 4th GOD Awards that will be held in New York on August 18th.. They will be performing at the 4th Global Officials of Dignity Awards(G.O.D. Awards)19, 2016 at the United Nations Headquarters, New York organized by We Care for Humanity and its philanthropic partners: SREI Foundation, J & B Medical Company, HWPL and China-US Business Association.

"It can't get better than having two Music Icons performing at the 4th Annual G.O.D. Awards. We are just so thrilled that they are coming to the event and contributing their time, talents and energy to support our causes.", said Princess Maria Amor, founder and president of WCH and creator of the GOD Awards.

About Morris Hayes:

Morris Hayes is a talented musician, producer, and band leader. As a keyboardist, Hayes has worked with superstars such as Prince, George Clinton, Elton John, Whitney Houston, and Stevie Wonder. He was one of the 2013 inductees into the Arkansas Black Hall of Fame.

Morris Kevin Hayes was born on November 28, 1962, in the small town of Jefferson (Jefferson County), just outside Pine Bluff (Jefferson County). He was inspired by the religious music he heard in church as a child. He majored in art at theUniversity of Arkansas at Pine Bluff (UAPB). When a rhythm and blues (R&B) band on campus lost its keyboard player, Hayes—who had learned to play a bit in high school—offered to fill in. Although he was still learning to play the keyboard, he played well enough to take the spot.

Hayes has also performed with a long list of major artists, including Sheila E., Chaka Khan, Herbie Hancock, Kanye West, Elton John, Babyface, Carlos Santana, Kenny Loggins, Lenny Kravitz, Alicia Keys,, Mary J. Blige, Maroon 5, Ani Di Franco, Questlove, Kool Moe Dee, Sheryl Crow, Gwen Stefani, Erykah Badu, Amy Winehouse, Bono, The Edge, and Macy Gray.

About Alston Koch:

Alston Koch is a Sri Lanka born Australian singer-songwriter, film producer, record producer and actor. He was awarded "World Artist of The Year" at the Global Officials of Dignity Awards presented at the United Nations in New York and also received State of California Senate's Certificate of Recognition and Certificate of Special US Congressional Recognition for improving the lives of the communities in America.

In Australia, he formed his band Dark Tan and recorded three international hits on the RCA label. He has performed internationally with Dark Tan, S-witch, and as a solo artist. One notable appearance was during 'The Stars & Stripes Concert' in 1976, performing under the Sydney harbour bridge on a floating pontoon for Radio 2SM. Rock Brains Of The Universe and music historian Glenn A Baker has said that 'Alston & Dark Tan' were the originators of Disco Music in Australia. Since 1975 Koch has released 21 singles and 4 albums through record labels such as RCA, BMG, EMI and Sony.

Since 2007, he has been the Ambassador for Tourism for Sri Lanka.[15] In the same year, Koch wrote and performed an official song for The Sri Lankan cricketer and world record holder and world champion Muttiah Muralitharan.

Friday, July 8, 2016

The Mission

"We are swimming with the snakes at the bottom of the well. So silent and peaceful in the darkness where we fell. But we are not snakes and what's more we never will be and if we stay swimming here forever we will, never be free. I heard them ringing the bells in Heaven and Hell. They got a secret they're getting ready to tell. It's falling from the skies, it's calling from the graves. Open your eyes, I think we are safe. Let's take a walk on the bridge, right over this mess. Don't need to tell me a thing, we've already confessed and I raised my voice to the air..... and we were blessed." Words by the incomparable Singer Songwriter Patty Griffin.
 We carried our hearts right to the snakes in the well and we stay swimming with those in need that cannot stay afloat alone. Whether the snakes be poverty, oppression or abuse. Carrying a mission is not just being supportive and saying "Oh those poor terrible!"  It isn't sharing posts and giving comment. It isn't sending money to receive a t-shirt or coffee mug. All those things support the work, but they are not the Mission itself.
One is born to carry forth a mission. One is called to the front line and no matter what stands in the way, it will be done. The key word is 'Will". The greatest joy of a mission? Giving that single moment to another human being, you being the human doing, that gives relief from the trauma that rings like a bell in their very souls that are in a constant cadence of pain. For that one moment in time, free of the bondage that holds them, choking the very beat of their hearts, trying to steal the very human-ness they have.
A mission is forever, there is no end to it. It is only carried forth from one heart to another that hears the calling sent by the unknown force that breathes life in all of us. Beyond empathy, beyond care, beyond love. It is the tendons that hold those things together from the heart that created all. It is a reaching in to oneself and denying that which makes you comfortable, safe, warm. It is an ache that cannot be relieved by anything other than a giving of a piece of your heart to be replaced by a need to keep going and climbing the mountain of oppression of another soul. We Care for Humanity is a mission. A mission of Love, of compassion, of swimming in the well with those that are drowning, even if you drown in the process. It is a running into the flames for another. Humanity needs all the care we can give through the mission of mercy.
Mary Parton

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

We Care for Humanity (WCH) Launched Free Medical Camp in 12 Villages in India for 1 Year

Tamil Nadu, July2, 2016- We Care for Humanity, a USA based NGO with chapters around the world launched its Free Medical Camp, last July 1, 2016 in 12 villages located in Tamil Nadu State in India namely Nenmeli, Thunjam, Dharmapuram, Malalinatham, Keerapakkam, Orathur, Sogandi, Keelaveedu, Meleripakkam, Puleri, Meleri and Alagusamuthiram.

With the permission of the Her Excellency Amma J. Jayalalitha, the chief minister of Tamil Nadu State, this program is set to run for one year, servicing one village a month. More than 50,000 people (700 families) living in the above mentioned villages who normally travel 15-20 kilometers by bus just to reach the town hospital will benefit from this program focusing on General Medicine, Orthopedics, Pediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynecology.  
Patients who are suffering from chest pains and breathing problems, diabetes, hypertension, back and joint pains, chronic leg pains, irregular menstruations, including new born baby issues will get doctor consultation, sugar check-ups, blood pressure check-ups, general check-ups and medicine, all for free. 
The WCH Free Medical Camp under the patronage of Princess Maria Amor, founder and president of We Care for Humanity is an enjoined efforts of the newly appointed WCH Humanitarian Ambassadors, Dr. N. Naveen, MBBS,MD, Rajasimhan Murugavel, and Mr. Logesh Dhanasekaran in collaboration with  Dr. M. Arun, MBBS, MD, Dr. Anand Babu, MBBS, Dr. J. Visnurajkumar, MBBS, MD and Dr. Muthu Pandy MBBS.