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Thursday, July 14, 2016


The Greatest humanitarians of the World highlights people working to improve the lives and environment of the citizens of the world. H. R. H. Princess Maria D. K. brings together humanitarians in the Global Officials of Dignity Awards. This book is designed to provide the background of those who seek to power the future with good deeds and ideas.

Without the actions of humanitarians, working for the progress of the human race, hope would be in scarce supply. This book mentions just a few of the many that have made a difference in their own sparkling sphere. Humanitarians follow their dream of public service, in their own way, and seek to make a difference.

Sometimes an event in their own lives can change their course into humanitarian service. Others are affected by things they have witnessed that makes them want to work for the betterment of humanity. Some just want to give something back. No matter what the catalyst, the person deep down is exceptional.

No effort is without cost and our humanitarians suffer for their causes. They take on all the problems of the people they help unselfishly. They expose needs and wrongs that others ignore. They go to places where no one else will venture and make a difference.

The suffering of humanity touches their hearts. The humanitarian is strong witnessing the pain and suffering and does as much as possible to alleviate it.

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