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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

New York's "Giving Back Through Music" For WCH Founder's Month

We Care for Humanity (WCH) in collaboration with Ambassador Tony Taylor of New York celebrates WCH Founder’s Month through “Giving Back through Music”, a community service program teaching youth how to play musical instruments in the area of New Jersey and New York.

Tony Taylor, an actor-model-brand ambassador who is also WCH Publicity Ambassador said, “I love music and I love helping the youth. I am glad I was able to contribute in celebrating Founder’s Month by just doing what I love”.  

Mirroring WCH’s mission: “To Promote Universal Humanitarianism”, Founder’s Month mobilizes humanitarians around the world while celebrating WCH’s inception and the birth month its founder and president, Maria Amor Torres, Crown Princess of Royal Kingdom of Maharlika Darussalam of the Philippines and Bae Insalilay (Traveling Princess) of the Tribal Government of the Philippines.

“I want to be of service to humanity using my full capacity, my full ability, using my full resources and influence, whether it’s eradicating poverty or empowering women and children or just plainly celebrating my birthday”, Amor said. “I am in deep gratitude to WCH Ambassadors and supporters around the globe for their endless support, year after year in celebrating the true meaning of WCH Founder’s Month”, she added.

More pictures here.

*We Care for Humanity, an international organization advocating education, health, world peace, human rights, eradication of poverty, and women and youth empowerment.

Founders month, the month of May,
We Care for Humanity today,
Blessings and flowers all the way.
So many deeds to help mankind,
So many ways of being kind,
Togetherness and love combined.
We celebrate the month of May,
For peace and joy to God we pray,
With all the threats we find today.
Solid solutions we need to see,
Unity in adversity keeping people free,
Together humanity is meant to be.
Together in love, hope and peace,
This founders month let dreams increase.
Universally recognised our founder Princess
Her work and charity, God bless.

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