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Sunday, July 2, 2017

Business Mogul Thomas William is Conferred with Middle-East Business & Philanthropy Award by 5th GOD Awards

The 5th G.O.D. Awards announces its 2017 MIDDLE-EAST BUSINESS & PHILANTHROPY AWARDS in the eminence person of Mr. Thomas William, Co-Founder of Perfect Industries, Dubai.

Princess Maria Amor, founder and president of We Care for Humanity and Chairman of the G.O.D. Awards declares: "Humility is a curious prerequisite for any philanthropist. Without humility, successful people tend to lose their path and overindulge of their misguided fruits of success. Consequently, failure is what propel great leaps forward to teach a valuable lesson. To understand that compassion and faith are not signs of weakness and despair, but tools to help realize the potential of helping a fellow person. These are the qualities that composes a standard that is needed to elevate humanity.

The most wonderful trait a humanitarian has is the spirit to help realize the potential of the fellow human. Mr. Thomas William you have crossed the road of success and while strengthening Perfect Industries you have innovatively created opportunities and empowered communities. Your intrinsic philanthropic prowess is what distinguishes the typical businessman from you, a bonafied humanitarian. It is even clearer that your humility and selflessness has brought happier lives for the children and underprivileged people of India and elsewhere.

Mr. Thomas William, I have the great pleasure to announce that the 5th Global Officials of Dignity (G.O.D.) Awards Committee have reached a unanimous decision to recognize you with 2017 MIDDLE-EAST BUSINESS & PHILANTHROPY AWARD. It is our strong belief that your accomplishments and distinct caliber of talents should be shared with at the United Nations in New York."

​About Mr. Thomas William:

The man behind the Perfect Industries Group is none other than its founder and Managing Director Mr. Thomas William. A great & firm believer & follower of his own ethics, values, crafts and principles. He moves selectively & meticulously on pre-fixed, preset, well-planned & defined path ensuring hundred percent achievements.

He was born to a business man Mr. Selvaraj and a school headmistress Mrs. Sebastine in April 06, 1970 at Thevaram in Tamil Nadu, India. His family relocated to Chennai where he commenced his education. After completing his Civil Engineering in AMIE, he launched his vision on overseas career. Later he completed his MBA from Cyprus University.

After being employed for a shorter period in U.A.E, he was not able to limit himself to a circle. Foresightedness & vision in part of his character & habit and then embarking at once upon it, is his strength to succeed. He is the master of an agile personality. He launched his maiden company- Perfect Industries LLC in Dubai, United Arab Emirates in 1997. It was the flagship of the Perfect Industries Group and encouraged with the rapid progress and growths, zeal and ambitions for prospects, he diversified into Coil Coating plants, Civil Contracting, Stainless steel Process Equipments, and Turnkey projects.

In 2010, he launches yet another company, mother of all companies, M/s Perfect Polymers that is manufacturing chemicals. Not confining to the Middle East limits, he launched the steel fabrication company, M/s Perfect International Fabricators Pvt Ltd in the State of Tamil Nadu. Upon commencement, in few years the company turnover had increased to the figure of multi crores and was appreciated by BHEL. Perfect Industries Group is a multifaceted group with annual turnover of over USD 260 million.The Group now comprises of nineteen companies with operations in six countries, exporting products and services to nine nations. Thomas William, Managing Director in the core, established offices in U.A.E, Kuwait, Italy, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and India.

He helped the organization to adopt a working- culture of ceremonial standard where sense of frolics and enjoyments has strong presence. Recently, he was facilitated by Sharjah Chamber of Commerce for being one of best 50 exporting companies in Sharjah. He is far away from fancy & frills. Simplicity is his character.

Nourished and nurtured with donar genes, he very much enjoys in extending generous help to genuine with due care that others do not come to know of it. With such kind of greatness in character, he makes himself stronger when at work, polite when dealings with workers. He is part of many charity programs conducted by NGOs and regional Churches. He has his own trust established in his birthplace in Thevaram, Tamil Nadu for the welfare the locals.

His varied experience gave him an opportunity to work with underprivileged women, children and people without sight. He has keen interest in working towards upliftment of women and Children. His varied experiences in career and personal life have enabled him to empathize with people from various sectors. In Tsunami aftermath in 2004, he silently contributed and co-ordinated the relief works without any advertisement. He is assisting the poor by providing jobs to the educated and unemployed youth in the deprived community in his group of organizations by furnishing free on-jobs training for the 1st year and then absorbing them into mainstream.

He shares margin of his fortune with workers, contributes hefty to social associations and actively participates in community services.

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