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Sunday, July 16, 2017

One of Ghana's Tycoons, Dr. Samuel "Amo" Tobbin Conferred as 5th GOD Awards Humanitarian Icon of Africa

The 5th G.O.D. Awards announces its HUMANITARIAN ICON OF AFRICA in the illustrious personality of Dr. Samuel "Amo"Tobbin, Chairman of Tobinco Group of Companies and Samuel Tobbin Foundation.

Princess Maria Amor, founder and president of We Care for Humanity and Chairman of the G.O.D. Awards declares: "Humility is a curious prerequisite for any philanthropist. Without humility, successful people tend to lose their path and overindulge of their misguided fruits of success. Consequently, failure is what propel great leaps forward to teach a valuable lesson. To understand that compassion and faith are not signs of weakness and despair, but tools to help realize the potential of helping a fellow person. These are the qualities that composes a standard that is needed to elevate humanity.

The most wonderful trait a humanitarian has is the spirit to help realize the potential of the fellow human. Mr. Samuel Tobbin you have crossed the road of success and while strengthening Tobinco Group of Companies you have innovatively created opportunities and empowered communities with the Tobinco Foundation. In a thanksgiving speech, you stated Use Dialogue Not Violence, your intrinsic philanthropic prowess is what distinguishes the typical businessman from you, a bonafied humanitarian. From helping children with scholarships, to empowering widows to be active agents of change in Ghana. It is even clearer that your humility and selflessness has brought happier lives for the children, women and widows of Ghana and a better future for all of humanity.

Your Excellency Samuel Tobbin, I have the great pleasure to announce that the 5th Global Officials of Dignity (G.O.D.) Awards Committee have reached a unanimous decision to recognize His Excellency as HUMANITARIAN ICON OF AFRICA. It is our strong belief that your accomplishments and distinct caliber of talents should be shared with at the United Nations, New York."

About Dr. Samuel "Amo" Tobbin:

Mr. Samuel Amo Tobbin, Executive Chairman of TPL has over 20 years experience in managing business. He is the Executive Chairman of The Tobinco Group Of Companies which includes: Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics, Banking, Insurance, FM station and many more.

He has previously solely grown Tobinco Company Limited in General merchandises. As a business strategist and an entrepreneur, Samuel Amo Tobbin has been the engine which is growing his company from strength to strength.

He has undergone an extensive training in Finance, Management and Strategic Planning with hands on experience to run his business efficiently. He was recently nominated for an Honorary Doctorate Degree from a University in Denmark for his experience in Business Management and Strategy.

In 2008 Tobinco Pharmacy was honoured by the Ghana Private & Dental Association for the most TRUSTED brand – ALAXIN August 2011. Mr. Samuel Amo Tobbin was adjudged the marketing man of the year, 2010. Popular anti-malaria drug, ‘Lonart,’ produced by Tobinco Pharmaceuticals, one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in Ghana, was adjudged The Chartered Institute of Marketing Ghana (CIMG) product of the Year, 2014.

He has a passion for the vulnerable and the needy in society. Some of his Social Responsibility Projects include: Provision of  one thousand five hundred (1,500) Health Insurance Cards for women and  children in Accra, The building and furnishing of an ultra – modern office complex for The Ghana Police Service at Kotobabi District in the Greater Accra Region and Instituted a scheme that pays monthly stipend to about two hundred (200) widows in the Church of Pentecost and many others.

He is a family man married to Mrs. Mercy Tobbin with 3 lovely children.

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